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Hubble Telescope Inoperative for a Week; NASA Aims to Restore Functionality Today

After a brief hiatus due to technical difficulties, Nasa’s venerable Hubble Space Telescope is poised to recommence its scientific operations on Friday. The iconic observatory had entered a precautionary safe mode on November 23 when one of its gyroscopes, essential for orienting the telescope, began transmitting inaccurate data. As per reports, a gyro is essentially a pair of rapidly spinning wheels or a rotary device that helps a spacecraft keep its orientation in space. Hubble has four gyroscopes, and if

Revealing the Bloodsucking Surprise: Fossils of Mosquitoes Dating Back 130 Million Years

Scientists have unearthed the oldest-known mosquito fossils, revealing a bloodsucking surprise. The fossils dating back 130 million years to the Cretaceous Period reveal that both male and female mosquitoes were once blood-feeders. The findings challenge the current understanding that only female mosquitoes suck blood and could help to explain how male mosquitoes find human bodies to swarm over for a chance to bite. The researchers stumbled upon the fossils of two male mosquitoes near Hammana in Lebanon, which were preserved

Unprecedented: Massive Hole Appears on the Sun’s Surface

A massive hole has opened on the Sun, unleashing a high-speed stream of solar wind aimed directly at our planet. And while such solar storms can cause power grid disruptions and dazzling auroras, this one is expected to be harmless. Astronomers spotted the dark region in the outer reaches of the Sun’s atmosphere, known as the corona. It’s large enough to fit 20 to 30 Earths back-to-back, NASA researchers tell Insider. It looks black because the corona is more excellent

Earth to Experience Radio and GPS Disruptions Due to Approaching Solar Storm

The Sun has eruptive flares regularly, throwing plasma and magnetic energy into space. The energy from the eruptions can affect Earth, causing geomagnetic storms that interrupt satellite communications and cause auroras in our skies. On Friday, experts are warning that a ‘Cannibal’ eruption from the Sun is on its way to strike our planet. The mega eruption is expected to bring heavy auroras and could obstruct radio frequencies. A “Cannibal” CME is a phenomenon that occurs when two faster-moving solar

Silent Remembrance for Mars Exploration Rovers!

In the vast expanse of space, a unique celestial event brings a temporary hush to the constant stream of data flowing between Earth and its robotic explorers on the Red Planet. Approximately every 25 months, Mars and the sun find themselves on opposite sides of the sky, and the sun’s corona acts like a cosmic veil that scatters and distorts radio signals that traverse this vast interplanetary void. The latest episode in this drama played out this month. NASA’s rover

Mystery Surrounds Movement of Massive Iceberg A23a, Baffling Scientists

The world’s most enormous iceberg, A23a, has broken free from its long-standing position and is now navigating the icy waters of Antarctica. The trillion-metric-tonne behemoth had been grounded since it calved from the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf in West Antarctica in 1986, but recent satellite images have captured it kicking off on its new journey. The berg’s unexpected voyage was first noticed by British Antarctic Survey remote sensing expert Dr Andrew Fleming on January 25. He says the iceberg was expected

NASA Obtains Plutonium-238 to Power Up Deep Space Ventures

The US Department of Energy (DOE) recently completed its largest shipment of heat source Plutonium 238 since the reinvigoration of domestic production over ten years ago. The June delivery, consisting of 0.5 kilograms (a little over a pound) of new heat source plutonium oxide, was transported from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to Los Alamos National Laboratory, where it will be transformed into the heat source pellets needed to fuel NASA’s radioisotope power systems for deep space missions. This latest

Long-Distance Laser Transmission to Psyche from 16 Million Kilometers Away

NASA’s innovative experiment aboard its Psyche spacecraft has achieved a milestone by sending a laser-beamed message across the vast expanse of space. The remarkable transmission, dubbed “first light,” is the farthest-ever demonstration of optical communications to date. It is an essential step toward enabling mission data rates 10 to 100 times higher than current radio-telecommunications systems that power current spacecraft, paving the way for high-definition images and other critical science information for future human and robotic exploration missions, and even

Celebrating a Space Milestone: Kim Jong Un Hails Success of Spy Satellite Launch

Kim Jong Un celebrated a “new era of space power” with scientists and his family, state media said Friday, after the North successfully put a military spy satellite into orbit. During a visit to the National Aerospace Technology Administration, accompanied by his daughter Ju Ae, Kim “praised the engineers and scientists” who helped with Tuesday’s launch of the “Malligyong-1,” KCNA reported. He called it “an eye-opening event of deploying our ‘ space guard’ constantly grasping the military intention and moves

OneWeb Plans Satellite Constellation Launch to Boost Broadband Connectivity in India

OneWeb is on track to launch its low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation for broadband service in India, its largest market. On Tuesday, the company’s local subsidiary, OneWeb India, said that it has acquired approval from India’s space regulator, IN-SPACe, to launch commercial satellite broadband services in the country. The clearance will allow OneWeb India to operate as soon as it receives the final spectrum authorization from the Department of Telecommunications for its gateways and user terminal operations in Gujarat and

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